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So a while ago my sister turned me on to footzoning.  If you’ve heard of reflexology it’s kind of like that…but more.  The foot is mapped out with certain areas correlated to different parts of your body.  They focus on all different areas of your body and physical, emotional and mental issues.  The things you learn about your body and even your emotions and feelings are pretty amazing.  I truly believe you have to experience it to believe it though.  It sounds a little crazy until she starts telling you things about yourself that she can tell from pressure points on your feet.  For example, she asked me if I had metal in my mouth.  I have two permanent retainers on the inside of my teeth which are not noticeable for the most part.   She also recommends natural ways of treating aches or pains – like eating pineapple to reduce inflammation and using essential oils.

If anything it has made me more aware of what I put IN and ON my body.  I have since switched to a natural deodorant and toothpaste.  The thought of using chemicals to clean my mouth or clog my sweat glands and lymph nodes just freaks me out.  

I have also started dry-brushing before I shower and I really think it’s helping my circulation.  I’m one of those who’s feet are constantly cold and have to wear socks to bed.  But after dry-brushing I haven’t had to.  Focusing on your lymph-node areas also helps your body detoxify.

I’ll admit it’s pretty overwhelming when you start to think about all of the things we put into and on our bodies.  All of the processed foods, unnatural flavors and dyes, products that we can’t even produce.  Even if you don’t believe that these things are all necessarily bad for you, you have to admit that they have to have some kind of effect on you.

I’ve been wanting to make my own household cleaners, facewash, etc. especially now that I have kids that seem to have allergies…according to the doctor..to what?  Well it seems that’s not important.  They just perscribe inhaling steroids and call it a day.  Seriously, both of my kids have been on nebulizers and steroids since 5 months old.  I try to use it very sparingly and am considering a holistic doctor and possible an allergy doctor.  Being a fairly new mom with a baby that is sick, you are basically at the mercy of the doctor.  You know enough to know that something is wrong with your poor baby but you trust the doctor to tell you how to fix it.  It’s pretty frusterating.  So far, I refuse to give my 2 year old Claritin and just hope I’m doing the right thing.

I’ve been using grapeseed oil to clean my face. Sounds kind of crazy but before you knock it, put some grapeseed or olive oil on a cotton pad and just wipe a portion of your face.  You’ll be amazed at how much junk comes off onto the pad.  And contrary to what you’d think, it doesn’t make your skin oily.  Check out this webiste for some more info.

I’ve used eucalyptus oil and cedarwood on my kids to help them breath better when they sleep and I’m really going to try to use more natural products and make more of my own..it just takes time to get there and I’m working on it.  I’ll try to share some of the “potions” (that’s what I like to call them) that I’m making here on the blog!

<3 Raquel

PS – I’m trying to get Wendi to come do some footzoning down here in California (she’s up in Washington).  She told me she would come if I got 20 appointments..anyone interested? Send me an email raquel@raquelleal.com

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