I really need to get back to blogging!  So I’m bringing back my “Obsessed” series.  Once a week I’ll share my current obesessions.  I tend to have a very impatient and obsessive personality.  Once I get something in this head of mine…I can’t get over it!  Here goes!

1.  Josie Maran Argan Oil Tinted Moisturizer

I’ve been obsessing over this one for quite some time now.  I’ve already gone through countless tubes!  Having dealt with acne for as long as I can remember, I used to never be confident enough to leave the house without concealer and foundation on.  This tinted moisturized is now all I use for everday! I LOVE it!  You can find it here.

2.  The Civil Wars

So I might be a little late to the party on this one, but I recently downloaded The Civil Wars album Barton Hollow and I’m loving it.  Faves so far are To Whom It May Concern and I’ve Got This Friend.  Find it on iTunes here.

3.  Anthropologie Dressage Sweatercoat

So a while back I received an email from Anthropolgie that all of their sweaters would be 50% the next day.  I immediately visited the site and put two sweaters in my cart..thinking I was being so sneaky.  Later that night around 9:30pm it hit me.  I realized, it was already tomorrow on the East Coast!  I ran to my Macbook and got onto the anthro site only to find that the ONE sweater I fell in love with was sold out. 

It’s not like I love horses or anything, but the thought of a warm, cozy, lambswool hooded sweater coat just got me.  Especially since I thought it would be so nice to wear on my plane trip up to Washington to visit the fam for Christmas.  I still have it saved in my shopping cart in hopes that it will come back in stock…and be 50% off again. 

PS – If you still don’t understand my obsession with this sweatercoat read the reviews!

4.  Hautelook
So if you haven’t figured out that I’m obsessed with online shopping, here’s your proof.  Hautelook launches high end brand discounts daily and I am on their site daily!  From Report shoes to Michael Kors watches to Rock & Republic jeans, all for more than 50% off.  And the sales start at 8:00AM pacific time!  Take that East Coasters!  Shoot me your email if you’d like an invite to sign up and start shopping!

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